Get your vector cartoon graphics here from Boone’s Cartoons.

Coming this week I’ll be releasing a vector cartoon graphics package. It’s 20 cartoons in scalable vector form for Internet Marketers. These graphics are designed to help with sales and grabbing attention of customers to the great offers available from the Internet Marketing industry.

My package not only has the 20 toons in vector format but also in jpeg format, a tutorial on how to use them and links to services to help you make money online. Making that extra cash online comes in handy and some people are multi-millionaires at it. My graphics package is a series of anthropomorphic characters that focus on business and taking action. The only way to make money online. I might add some freebie courses on how to get started in Internet Marketing too. So stay tuned for more.

The entire package goes for only $5 and you can make great items such as websites, blogs, t-shirts, stickers, jackets and more.

vector cartoons from Boone's Cartoons

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This post was written by gregboone on November 9, 2013

Learning About Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is exactly what it says, marketing on the internet.  With today’s new technologies it’s a good thing to take the time regarding learning about internet marketing wouldn’t you say?

First of all the primary tools for internet marketing are your basic web skills.  Can you build a website or a blog?  If you can you’ll be on your way.  The best skill you can have is writing and editing.  Sure there are software programs for writing and editing but it’s not a matter of pushing buttons and expecting things to come out alright.  The need to know good grammar, punctuation, and more are not to be underestimated.  If the skills to write aren’t up to par then there are classes you can take online or at an educational facility near you.  I cannot state how important it is to be able to write.  It’s the primary way of conveying your thoughts and messages that others can grasp.

That being said, your reading skills will be of great value here.  Far too many times there are instances of even college graduates with horrid literacy levels.  How some of these people got accepted into college in the first place is astonishing.  Check around the web for free literacy tests and courses as there are many professionals out there that love to help.

Math.  Math is the language of computers and the web.  Certainly computers can process mathematical equations faster than we humans but you’ll need to do some math on your own.  Statistics are where this comes in.  In order to do internet marketing you will need to know how to read statistics.  The number of sales, the time you’ve spent engaging in one action or another, web traffic, hits, there are dozens of statistics that you will need to monitor.  Knowing how to read and interpret statistics so that you can better any situation is of paramount importance.

Next comes what you will be marketing.  Companies that have products they want you to sell have gone all out to make the process as simple as possible.  This is what we call affiliate marketing.  For example let us say you have a website about weight loss.  Having a product to sell would be excellent here.  Signing up to sell a product from a sponsor would entail you inputting your contact and personal information so that your sales can be tracked and you can be paid.  This is the bulk of internet marketing.  You should be issued a hyperlink with an affiliate code that tracks the amount of traffic and the number of sales.  Companies pay you instantly, weekly, monthly or more.  Each company has their terms and conditions and making sure you understand and agree with them is equally important.

Salesmanship now comes in.  You have to be able to sell something.  Often companies will provide you with sales copy or banners or ad graphics you can use.  These may work well but having a twist of your own can be all the difference in the world.  If you want to study up on how to do internet marketing there are inexpensive but extremely effective courses to get you off the ground and start making money in a relatively short time.  Some people take awhile to generate significant income and some hit the jackpot and can make enough money in a few months to be able to take the rest of the year off in some sunny vacation spot.  With today’s economic distress the internet is where smart people turn to make money and there is no doubt about that.  Here are a few links to courses that can get you off the ground:

Click here for an easy internet marketing work from home course!

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This post was written by gregboone on October 16, 2012

New Blog, New Direction

Hey gang, this is the new blog.  I’m going to focus more on practical things for us people who work in the arts and have to fight some battles.

I’ll be posting about issues regarding the financial end of the arts with marketing and funding, jobs for artists, lawyers for artists, low income housing for artists and more.

Knowing how to market your art on the internet is of paramount importance.  The internet has changed over the years to the point that nowadays people can promote and sell their artwork online and get top dollar and full value for their work instead of having to use agents and middle men who don’t always have the artist’s best interest at heart.

I’m going to share what I know and present products and recommendations and lots of freebies that can get people started in making money online.

Being your own boss is the goal you want when it comes to your artwork.  Sure you can hire a manager and other staff but you need to have your paintbrush on the pulse of what is going on regarding making money on the web.  There are lots of strategies and the best ones are hidden from you.  I know the internet marketers who do share their information and who have those inside tips that do generate capital for artists.

I’ll also dig up and post information such as getting the best and low cost health insurance, discount art supplies, discount air fare, and just about every bargain I can find.

There’s lots of adventure to be had here and I’ll also post products that I feel are important and I’ll post the best discounts for these  products.

Far too many artists don’t know how to market themselves and often wallow around for years not making any money only because of ignorance, arrogance, or just plain delusion that someone is going to fly in from some magical kingdom and rescue them or kiss their butt.  If you’re an artist and you think someone is going to drop everything they have just to cater to you then you’re in for some trouble.  If you don’t have a sense for marketing then you need to hire someone or team up with someone.  Not a middleman situation but a business relationship where both can grow.

I’ll admit there are some real slimy people who hover around artists pretending to help out.  They’re parasites and we don’t need them.  A smart artist can detect these people when they’re operating from a sense of sanity and not wishful thinking.

So stay tuned and I’ll figure up some goodies to post here that work.

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