Well gang, longtime fans, your's truly needs a medical treatment and fast. Heart problems have sidelined me and the only recourse is the latest in cardio stem cell treatments. This simple procedure only takes a day or two to perform, but in 3 months I'll be back to normal if not better. Insurance won't covr it because the FDA hasn't approved the treatment although people have been getting this type of treatment for more than a decade. We've all heard those miracle stories regarding stem cells and most are true but only fro the reputable sources. I've been lucky to work with such a group that was the first to offer cardio stem cell treatments using your own stem cells. I've tried to raise money every which way I can so I'm trying crowdfunding for stem cell treatments. I'm using

If you click this link: CLICK HERE it will take you to my crowdfunding campaign. I'll be trying other ways as well but this is just one that pops into mind as so many people have used GoFundMe for medical costs.